How To Hang A Heavy Platter On The Wall

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That was after it had been on the wall for several years so i suggest that you check them periodically to make sure the disc is staying put. Hook the top two arms on the top of the plate then stretch it down to hook onto the bottom of the plate.

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Figure out the best plate hangers for you and hang them up.

How to hang a heavy platter on the wall. When hung in a group the plates look so pretty. They tend to slide around the edges of your plate if you buy the cheap ones they dont come with rubber bumpers and they scratch the rim of the plates. The key to working with these hangers is to bend the top of the hanger so that your plate will lay flat on the wall once hung.

Hanging heavy plates on the wall. The hook on the hanger mounts to a picture hook or fastener on the wall. Next tap in a nail to the wall i eyeballed this arrangement because im not patient enough to measure.

Decorating with dishes etsy feature etsy video hanging dishes on walls hanging plates how to hang a platter on the wall spode byron. How to hang a 20 platter october 12 2012 i have been asked how to hang an 18 23 platter and today have quickly decided to show you what i do and recommend to my clients. Then hang your plate up.

Set the plates in a cool dry place for 24 hours to dry. I personally hate them. The most common way of hanging plates is with these commercial plate hangers.

To hang the plate first figure out the exact placement on the wall mark it with a small dot and hammer a small nail into the wall. To hang i used a twist tie to secure the round platter to the nail in the wall. If a plate does not already have a wall hook securely glued to the back you can safely hang it even if its heavy on the wall using a spring loaded wire plate hanger that grabs the plate at the edges and holds it securely.

They clamp onto you plate and then you attach them to the wall. You can move them around as you please and the discs stay secure to the plates. The best way to do this is to first attach the plate hanger to the plate and lie the plate on a flat surface.

I just happened to have the silver ones from cello treat bags but the color doesnt matter as it doesnt show. The oval platters just hang directly onto the nail no picture needed. After 24 hours hang them up with by the hook on the disc to a nail in the wall.

Some of the plates i have used them with were really large and heavy and i have only had trouble with one of the discs coming loose from the plate and falling from the wall. Easy as can be. Be sure to hang the plate onto the nail through the small circle at the bottom of the safety pin which will prevent easy slippage.

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