Sharpening Wood Chisels With Sandpaper

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Using wetdry sandpaper to flatten chisels and plane irons complete sharpening series video 9 duration. 2 good reasons to use sandpaper for this method.

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If the end of your chisel is nicked or rounded over sharpening on sandpaper would take forever.

Sharpening wood chisels with sandpaper. Align the beveled edge of a chisel on the sandpaper. The use of sandpaper to sharpen edge tools is really nothing new. Place a piece of sandpaper grit side up on a flat surface.

To sharpen a smaller chisel i just slip a wooden spacer in there beside the chisel to fill the gap. Paul sellers 1366394 views. Keeping the bevel aligned.

Preparing and sharpening a woodworking chisel paul sellers duration. Im now sold on the method but will not claim it is the best method that will be up to your evaluation. I provide students with the least expensive home center chisels available for two reasons.

Another piece of wood is screwed down across them to hold the chisel tight against the wedge. The idea has been around for about as long as sandpaper. I was skeptical when i first heard about the sandpaper method.

To remove a lot of metal quickly you need a power tool preferably a bench grinder. All you need is sandpaper in a variety of grits a flat surface like a piece of glass some 3m adhesive spray and some acetone to clean the adhesive spray off the glass when changing the sandpaper. These two rails fit snugly on each side of a 1 chisel holding it square to the sharpening stone.

How could it produce a decent edge on my chisels and plane blades. But theres a little tough love waiting for them. Before we get going on the grinder remember this.

Sharpening with sandpaper i have said elsewhere that sharpening on sandpaper is the cheapest way to start sharpening and the most expensive way to continue. Before i move on to this tutorial you have to know why you need to have an alternative in sharpening your chisels. There is a known way to do it which involves water stone and other diamond stones.

While you can use a bench grinder or sharpening stone to sharpen a dull chisel a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface can be used to get the job done too. Thats because you can scrounge up what you need to make a razor sharp edge on a chisel or plane iron for well under 20. I see several hundred new students in my classroom each year all anxious to start chopping wood.

How to sharpen your woodworking tools with sandpaper.

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